Broccoli really is a nutritional star

A shout out for broccoli, it's one of the nutritional stars of the veggie world. Broccoli is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

A cup of raw broccoli has as much vitamin C as a medium orange, but only 30 calories.

As we all know, some people just don't like broccoli. According to the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter this may be the result of genetics. To these people, broccoli tastes bitter. One way around that is to dip it into a light salad dressing.

Some people get gas and bloating when they eat broccoli. The Wellness Letter says it might help to eat smaller portions or to use a product like Beano.

Don't forget the whole stalk is edible. The florets do have more beta carotene, ounce for ounce, but the stalks have more fiber.

Frozen broccoli is fine, as long as it doesn't come with a salty, fatty, high-calorie sauce.

Don't overcook your broccoli. If it's mushy and dull green, you've cooked out a lot of the good stuff. You want to lightly steam the stalks in as little water as possible. Stir-frying and microwaving are also good.

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