Doing your own painting? Don't skimp on prep work

When it comes to most painting jobs around my house, I hire a professional. I know my limitations.

Maybe you're the do-it yourself type. If so remember this: proper preparation is the key to success.

"You're going to put much more work into prep than you are into actual painting, but it is so worth it," says Cheryl Reed with Angie's List.

"If you don't tape, you're going to have paint spills. If you don't buff out any problems you have in the structure or your walls or make sure that it's clean and ready for that paint to adhere to it, you're just going to be wasting your time. So, prep, prep, prep. It's far more important than even the color."

When it comes to picking a color be careful not to talk yourself into something too trendy or too out of your comfort zone.

"You want to look for a color that you truly like, that fits in with your lifestyle and your decor because the paint's going to be there for a while and to change it out means you're going to repaint."

That's not only a pain, it's expensive.

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