How to crack price tag codes and save

The KATU Problem Solvers are cracking the code on major retailers' price tags, just in time to save you money on your holiday shopping. Once you know these industry secrets, you'll never look at price tags in the same way.

Kyle James, founder of the website called Rather Be Shopping, has been researching Big Box pricing strategies.

"There's nine different stores and out of them, three were actual employees who contacted me and gave me the scoop," explains James.

Costco Wholesale

  • Price ends in .99 = full retail price

  • Price ends in .00, .88 or .97 =

  • Price ends in .49, .79 or .89 = limited-time manufacturer's discount

  • Asterisk in upper corner of price tag = best price on discontinued item

Home Depot

  • Price ends in .06 = best price

  • Green price tag = best price


  • Price ends in .99 = full retail price

  • Price ends in .98 = markdown

  • Price ends in .04 = final markdown


  • Price ends in .99 = full retail price

  • Price ends in .97 = discontinued item on clearance

  • Price ends in .88 = best price

Office Depot

  • Price ends in .00, .50 or .99 = full retail price

  • Price ends in any other number = best price

Old Navy & Gap

  • Price ends in .47, .49, .97 or .99 = best price

While this code cracking could help you save on holiday gifts, it may be even more useful come December 26.

"As stores are in clearance mode after Christmas, you could really start to see them slash their prices," says James. "You could really use this information to your advantage."

The folks at Rather Be Shopping have created a cheat sheet that you can tuck in your purse or wallet with all the information.

Click here to download.