New phone scam targets seniors

Someone is calling seniors around here -- trying to trick them into buying a reverse mortgage.

Mike Gowrylow with the state Department of Revenue says the callers, who pretend they're with the state, claim they can help them get a break on their property tax.

"It seems kind of sleazy to me," Gowrylow says. "They're selling reverse mortgages. And they're just using this guise of helping them with their property taxes as a way to get their foot in the door so they can market their programs."

The salesperson on the phone is not only trying to trick seniors, Gowrylow says they're giving misinformation about whether the homeowner qualifies for property tax breaks.

The callers also ask for a lot of personal information such as age, employment status and income, in order to supposedly see if you qualify for the state's property tax relief program or assistance for veterans programs.

The best advice: Don't do it. Hang up.

The smart way for seniors to find out if they qualify for a property tax reduction is to contact the county assessor's office.

More information is available online.