Rabbit TV: Does It Work?

With a price of only $10, who wouldn't want to try a flash drive that claims you can watch thousands of free TV channels on your computer?

But anyone expecting live streaming of network television programs will be disappointed. You're getting recorded episodes of previously aired programs and you still have to pay for premium movies. The "freebie" also comes with conditions. It's only free for the first year and you must register before you can start viewing.

The registration includes your name, address, email address, phone number, gender and date of birth. Gender and date of birth, by the way, are required information.

You must also check a box that says you agree to the terms and conditions, and the conditions should not be taken lightly. By establishing an account, you agree to receive a regular email newsletter (you can opt-out) and all sorts of email promotions. Your information can be shared or sold to third parties.

Any external links to products and services are to be used at your own risk. There are strict policies for returns, exchanges, and cancellations. And, if you want to continue using Rabbit TV after the first year, you must pay a subscription fee of about $10 a year.

On the plus side, Rabbit TV gives you one-stop internet access to your favorite of cable and network shows and pay per view movie sites without having to register separately on each website. It simply gathers what's already available on the internet and puts it in one place.

The terms and conditions make it clear that Rabbit TV also serves as a central source for selling you things.

So yes, while the commercial appears to be over-hyped, the product does let you watch an extensive selection of previously-aired TV programs, and movies on your computer. It gets high marks from many users who like the convenience of having everything one site. Naysayers complain about credit and debit issues and trouble cancelling orders.

Still others point to similar internet TV aggregators which also link to a wide variety TV shows and movies, but without charging $10 for a USB stick, or an annual user fee after the first year.