Raw pet food diet increases the risk of food poisoning in the house

Some people like to feed their pets a raw food diet. They think it's better for them.

The Food and Drug Administration recently warned that serving raw food increases the risk of food poisoning - for both the people and the pets in the family - unless you are very careful. That's because raw meat, bones and organs that haven't been cooked are more likely to contain salmonella, listeria and other harmful bacteria.

Dr. William Burkholder, Veterinary Medical Officer at the FDA, tells me it's critical to follow safe food-handling practices.

["Keep the food separated from other foods that you intend to eat," he said. "Keep it frozen until you're ready to feed it to your pet. And then, thaw it in its own separate container and packaging in the refrigerator rather than out on the counter."

Keep track of all the dishes and utensils you used to prepare and serve the food and wash them in hot soapy water.

Be sure to wash your hands in soap and warm water after feeding your pet or after you've cleaned up after them. They may shed those bacteria when they go to the bathroom.

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