Redirect your dog to the right things to chew

Dogs bark. Dogs chew.

It might bother you, but it's normal behavior for them. This is how they explore their world and relieve boredom.

"Some dogs really like wood, other dogs really like softer plush things, so they may pick up your pillows or things like that," said Mikkel Becker with

Becker says you need to redirect this behavior by giving them plenty of chews and toys they like to chew on.

"Some dogs like the rubber toys, some dogs like the plush toys. What's really important is to make sure they're safe. Some dogs may destroy toys, but they don't eat the pieces. So, making sure your dog isn't doesn't do this is important. And always supervise their chewing," Becker said.

Or try a food puzzle or a kong.

"A kong is a hollowed-out food toys that you can put peanut butter or canned dog food in," Becker said.

So what do you do if can't stop destructive chewing?

"Rather than punishing them which will make them still chew, but they'll do it out of your presence, just do an 'oops' and redirect them to the appropriate place: over to where all the chewies lie or give them a new toy. This way, they always have the OK place to chew where they get rewarded," Becker said.

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