Screen Egg: Does it work?

If your technology has a screen and touch hand controls, it undoubtedly has dust and dirt and often looks like a mess. And while you can easily blow off the dust, cleaning the screens on high-tech devices requires caution. Liquid cleaners can cause damage if they seep into the workings of the device. You must also be careful about scratching the screen. Screen Egg is promoted as "The amazing, dual-action screen cleaner that will effectively and easily clean all your favorite devices."

By dual-action, the promoters mean the egg-shaped cleaner has two types of microfiber for two different purposes. The smooth, light blue half of the egg is for removing smudges and fingerprints. The dark blue half, with more nap, is for getting the dust. The two halves are joined together by a "silicone soft-grip band."

Right away, I can see most of the prints fade away as I wiped the Screen Egg across the screen of my e-reader. The egg also did a good job of wiping the dust off a very dirty laptop screen. I found the egg shape makes the cleaner easy to handle, but the coverage area is fairly small. Great for a cell phone. A big challenging for a big screen TV.

I took the microfiber egg to our KOMO engineers. They say one advantage of the egg design is that the cushion construction can help avoid using excessive pressure when you're wiping the screen. Too much pressure is one way to damage some monitors. For their money, however, the engineers say they just use simple microfiber cloths. You can buy a package of 36 for around $20.

In our screen-by-screen comparison, a microfiber cloth wiped away dust and prints just as well as the egg. With stubborn smudges, both the Screen Egg and the cloth need a little boost. For stuck on dirt you're supposed to add a bit of water. Even with the dampened microfiber, some stuck on smudges still took a bit of rubbing to remove, but both the Screen Egg and cloth eventually removed the grime in about the same amount of time.

Bottom line: Both Screen Egg and plain microfiber cloths will clean your screens well. Although our KOMO engineers were right about the pressure factor. When using the Screen Egg on an LCD screen, we did not see the distortion you typically get when you touch LCD. That's a definite plus over using the cloth- which still allowed the "warping" effect on the delicate, polarized screen panels. On the downside- Screen Egg is not machine washable.