Take the 60-second food quiz

This 60-second food quiz was prepared by my friends at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

True or false? Brown breads are always more healthful than lighter-colored breads.

False. You can't go by colored. For example, Pumpernickel breads are darker but they're often made with refined (white) flour. The color comes from molasses.

True or false? Dry-roasted nuts have about a many calories as oil-roasted nuts.

True. The Wellness Letter says the calorie different is quite small. Most of the fat and the calories come from the nuts and not the oil added in processing.

True or false? "Atlantic salmon" is wild salmon.

False. If it's labeled "Atlantic salmon" it's farm-raised fish.

True or false? Evaporated cane juice, coconut palm sugar and barley malt are better than regular sugar.

False. They're all just sweeteners. The Wellness Letter says they're no better for you than white sugar.

True or false? Brown eggs are the same nutritionally as white eggs.

True. They're the same. Color doesn't matter.