The best things to buy in July

Summer is barely getting started and retailers are already marking down merchandise and getting ready for fall, which makes July one of the best months for saving money on seasonal items you need now.

If you need a new grill, price trackers at the discount website say July is a good month to take the bite.

From table tops to smokers to stainless grills with bells and whistles, the discounts at some stores can save you as much as $100 or more compared to prices back in early Spring. Sure, you can save even more if you wait until the end of summer, but if your backyard or patio is grill-less and you want to enjoy the grilling season, July is one of the best times to buy.

This is also a good time to buy patio furniture at a discount. As with barbeque grills, the mark-downs for chairs, tables and outdoor accessories won't be nearly as great as in August when summer is fading, but the higher price you pay now will be offset by the extra months you'll be able to enjoy them.

But watch the prices this month. Researchers at say last year, they noticed some outdoor furniture that was marked down for the 4th of July, was marked down even more two weeks later, so a little patience may pay off again this year.

Other good July buys include summer apparel, laptops, tablets, and HDTVs. But price trackers say if you can, hold off on bedding because you'll find much better prices for bedding around Labor Day.