Watch Out: IRS scam continues to claim victims

It's well past tax-filing season, and yet, telephone con artists continue to call people pretending to be with the IRS.

Lois Greisman, a fraud fighter at the Federal Trade Commission, say the scammers claim there's some sort of problem with your tax return.

"You didn't pay enough or the money wasn't properly received are common stories," she said.

Some of these fake IRS agents become very abusive. They may threaten you with arrest. The only way to remedy the sitaution, they say, is to get them money immediately.

They may be willing to take a credit card payment, but typically they want you to go to the store and wire them money or buy a prepaid debit card and call them back with the card number and PIN.

Don't do it. Hang up. Victims have lost thousands of dollars to these phone crooks.

Remember this rule: The IRS will never call you and ask for personal financial information or immediate payment of a tax bill. Never!

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