Pacific Northwest mysteries featured on new TV show

PORTLAND, Ore. - Some of the the Pacific Northwest's tall tales and haunts will be featured on an upcoming episode of a new television show called Monsters and Mysteries in America.

The show, which airs on Discovery's Destination America network, first premiered this past weekend with stories from the Appalachia region - Sheepsquatch, UFOs and little green men, and the Mothman.

This Sunday, March 31, the focus shifts to the Pacific Northwest and the elusive Sasquatch, the historic (and perhaps haunted?) Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Ore., and our version of the Loch Ness Monster - the infamous Flathead Lake Monster in Polson, Mont.

"Local legends are a product of their environment and no country is a better muse for this kind of fear than America, with its dense forests, desert wasteland, and hundreds of miles of uninhabitable wilderness where any evil could hide," said Marc Etkind with Destination America.

Other future episodes will feature mysteries from places like the Ozarks, Badlands, Bayou and deserts.

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