1 dead, 1 missing after plane crashes in the ocean near Florence

FLORENCE, Ore. -- Crews are searching for a person off the coast of Florence after a small plane crashed Sunday morning near the north jetty, Lane County Sheriff's Office said.

U.S. Coast Guard teams said they rescued one of the two people believed to be on board when the plane crashed about 300-500 yards off the north jetty in Florence.

That person recovered from the wreck was later pronounced dead, Siuslaw Fire and Rescue official Sean Barrett said.

Officials with the Lane County Sheriff's Office reported that the small, single-engine plane from Florence crashed at 9:45 a.m. Sunday.

A helicopter and a lifeboat are searching the waters near the crash site for the plane's second passenger while a U.S. Coast Guard dive team is preparing to dive down to the wreck.

"Victims: that's what the helicopter is mainly doing right now," said Barrett. "Obviously the debris comes in as it comes in. But that's our main thing, we've got to determine where that person is."

Low wind and calm seas have helped the search crews work at the ocean crash site.

Debris from the plane is washing up as far as a mile north of the jetty.

Law enforcement closed the north jetty area to the public while police, deputies, and Search and Rescue crews handle the crash.

Officials ask beach-goers to stay away from any plane debris they may come across while walking along the shore.