10-year-old who fell near Mt. Hood has skull fractures, dad says

MOUNT HOOD, Ore. - A 10-year-old boy from Vancouver is in serious condition after he tumbled down a hillside near Mt. Hood.

Cole Hancock and his father, Kim Hancock, were camping on Mount Hood near the White River West Sno-Park Tuesday evening when they decided to hike out to look at a waterfall. The boy lost his footing at around 9 p.m., and fell head-over-heels down a 150-foot embankment.

His father climbed down to the boy, who was knocked unconscious, and was able to call 911.

It took crews an hour to hike in to the boy - in the meantime, the boy's father lit a fire to provide a beacon to make finding the location easier for the rescuers.

"There was just a golden flame in the distance and we were able to walk right there," said Richard Hallman, a member of The Crag Rats who helped in the rescue.

After what rescuers described as an intense 45-minute hike out with the boy strapped to a gurney, he was air-lifted to OHSU.

We have been in touch with the boy's father and he said his son has three different skull fractures and is not conscious. But he also said that doctors believe the injuries are not life threatening.

Hallman said the boy's father did everything he was supposed to do in a stressful situation like that - he hiked down to his son, gave him first aid and kept him warm - all while not knowing if the boy would be OK.

"People can second guess themselves all day long, but you have to do the best with the situation you have," Hallman said. "And I think he did a great job."

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