101st Coos County Fair kicks off

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- At the 101st annual Coos County Fair, officials say there are a lot of things going on, from delicious food and vendors of all kinds, to rides, shows and events.

They are going on throughout the whole week for people of all ages.

Bob Main, a Coos County commissioner, says the fair is fun for everyone. "From the scones and the lion burgers, to the animal exhibits, to the rodeo, to everything, it's great," he said.

Jessica Sunbbaun is the rodeo queen, and she says she enjoys getting out to the fair every year. "I like everything about the fair," she said. "Mainly, being able to show my horse and going and talking to different people, and meeting everybody."

And you can even meet the animals.

County commissioner Melissa Cribbins says the weather couldn't be better. "It's going to be beautiful weather over here. There's no wind, and it will be a great chance to come over and see people you haven't seen in years," she said.

Saige Vaughn is attending the fair, and says it's a good time. "You get to meet a lot of people and meet a lot of animals, and just have the best time of your life here."

To really get the full experience, you have to go out there yourself.

The fair runs from now through the weekend.