2014 holds hottest summer on record for parts of Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. -- Feeling hotter than usual this summer? That's because the 2014 summer months have been the warmest on record for some Western Oregon cities.

Officials from the National Weather Service found that the unusually warm overnight temperatures have boosted the average daily temperatures, making the summer of 2014 one of the warmest on record.

Forecasters take the average from the high and low temperatures of each day through the summer months.

Eugene, for instance, has had an average summer temperature of 70.2 degrees Fahrenheit. That ties the record set in 1990, and is the warmest since climatologists started collecting data in 1892.

Temperatures taken at the Portland International Airport have hit an average of 71.7 degrees Fahrenheit, setting a new high for the records that date back to 1940.

While the warmer temperatures have made life uncomfortable for those without air conditioning, it has also made for a challenging wildfire season for fire crews across the Pacific Northwest.

Dry conditions across the state have also hindered fire crews fighting Oregon wildfires.

"These fields probably don't get much drier than they are right now. This will be one of those years when things burn," said Dale Gardner with the Willamette National Forest.