39-pound marijuana bust leads to 130-pound bust in Estacada

ESTACADA, Ore. - In retrospect, 39 pounds of marijuana was small potatoes.

A bust over the summer that yielded 39 pounds of pot put Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies on the trail that ended with a much bigger haul Monday, when they seized 130 pounds of marijuana - including 229 plants - and four guns from a home in Estacada.

Deputies arrested Clark McNutt, 60, and his 24-year-old son Timothy after serving a search warrant near the 39000 block of Delph Ridge Rd.

Deputies said it began July 13, when an employee at a trucking company reported a suspicious pallet of freight.

Deputies said McNutt had paid for the pallet to be sent to New York, where he was planning to pick it up.

After a K-9 unit indicated there were drugs on the pallet, deputies obtained a search warrant and found the initial 39 pounds of pot.

McNutt's name was on the bill of lading, said Clackamas County Sheriff's Sgt. Robert Wurpes. No arrests were made, but deputies launched an interagency investigation.

"I don't know what their activities were between point A and point B, but obviously (the initial confiscation) didn't keep them from having 130 pounds at their house," Wurpes said.

Deputies also confiscated a shotgun, two rifles and two handguns.

The McNutts were charged with manufacturing, distributing and possession of controlled substances.

Wurpes said the bust was up "up there, in terms of total amount of plants" as one of the largest in Clackamas County history.