40 nights of Holiday Lights

SHORE ACRES STATE PARK, Ore. -- It's arguably the biggest holiday event on the coast, and it opens Thanksgiving night.

The 26th annual Shore Acres Holiday Lights will run for 40 nights and 50,000 people are expected to walk through the park.

David and Shirley Bridgham co-chair the event. They were at Shore Acres as soon as the wind died down.

After the stormy weather, plugs were pulled, the lights went out, and ornaments fell off trees.

"We get wind tested every season, sooner or later. It was sooner this year," David said.

But they say they'll be ready for the opening -- and rain or shine, the lights will go on.

"If we let rain stop us from doing things, we wouldn't do anything," Shirley said.

If you're just not willing to come out in the rain, there's a webcam behind the giant lit up whale in the grass, so you can watch it all online.

But Shirley says there's nothing like seeing the 300,000 lights in person.

And there's something new this year to look forward to.

"This year [David] did three coy carp lighted underwater in the pond, and people can look for that," Shirley said.

David and Shirley couldn't have done it alone. 1,500 community members turned out to help.

"We have people from out of the area visiting, writing in guest books that they're so jealous of what this community can do. It's really special," David said.

If you think it's pretty now, just wait until you see it at night.