7-year-old wins contest for Natalie Hill

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- 7-year-old Nathan Mullanix showed up at Landy Marshall's house Halloween night with muddy claws and a soaked costume.

Marshall is just one of many in the community donating candy to Nathan's cause.

"This is the kind of stuff that parents teach their kids and this guy has got a good little heart, you know, maybe someday, if I hadn't already voted for president, I'd vote for him," Marshall said.

Nathan is donating to Apple Dental's "candy buy-back".

The candy is sent to troops overseas, and whoever brings in the most candy wins a $200 prize, in addition to $1 for every pound.

By noon on Thursday, Nathan already had $96 in his pocket, and by Friday evening, he found out he won the $200 prize.

Nathan will give all the money to his friend, Natalie Hill.

Nathan heard about Hill's battle with bone cancer over a year ago, and he has been determined to help her check items off her bucket list ever since.

Last year, he won $50 from the "buy-back", he formed a team for Relay for Life, and he raised $1,000 from a lemonade stand - all for Natalie.

Nathan's mother, Claire, is still surprised her first grader has been able to raise so much money.

"There are really no words to express how proud I am of him in everything that he does," said Claire.

She says he came up with the idea to help Natalie all on his own.

Donations to Nathan's cause from local businesses and community members have been pouring in all week.

Nathan is still waiting to hear how much money he won for Natalie.