A "sweet" 50th anniversary

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Each year Cranberry Sweets holds its open house at their Coos Bay location.

It's their biggest event of the year, but this year was special.

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary on Dec. 8.

It started with a simple idea -- candy made out of cranberries.

50 years later, with two locations on the South Coast, and 150 products -- Cranberry Sweets isn't going anywhere.

"This is our way of saying 'thank you' to the community and to everyone who has supported us all these years," said Candy Hostess Penny Brandon.

Brandon says the company's success comes from free samples -- 50 different types of samples.

Holiday shoppers and visitors give the business an extra push.

Brandon says, "They're on their way to the beach, they see this giant candy sign and they have to come in and check it out. A lot have found us on the travel websites as well."

Linda Van Dyke and David Budd are from Canada and are traveling through Oregon. They were driving by and decided to check out Cranberry Sweets.

"It's just so beautiful and something different, rather than some of the places that you stop that have all the trinkets. We just wanted to bring home something a little more meaningful," Van Dyke said.

From the original cranberry pate to cheddar cheese fudge, it's all made at the factory in Coos Bay, so visitors can bring home a sweet piece of Oregon.