'After he eats, he loves to sleep on my lap'

BANDON, Ore. - Meet Tigger, the month-old newest resident of West Coast Game Park Safari.

"He loves to play, cuddle," said Shinne Busch, the tiger caregiver. "After he eats, he loves to sleep on my lap. He just loves to play really."

Tigger comes to the South Coast from another park in California.

While he could grow up to weigh as much as 500 pounds, park owner Brian Tenny said these cats are just affectionate animals.

"The one precaution you have to take is they're scared of their own shadow," he said. "Of any of the cats, you have to really be careful with them. They spook easily."

Because these tigers are on the endangered species list, Tenny said he plans keep the blood line going.

"When he gets old enough, he'll be with Shakira, our white female," Tenny said. "So hopefully it'll be a match made in heaven for them."