American Bridge employees hopeful for employment

REEDSPORT, Ore. -- American Bridge will be closing its doors in December and employees say they hope they can find a job close to home.

Nick Riley wonders if there will be enough work in the Reedsport area for him. "I'd like to stay here if I could, but I don't think that's going to be an option because there isn't a whole lot of work around here," he said.

But an opportunity for work could be headed Nick's way.

Oregon Seafoods is still looking to expand its business after being shut out of the Hollering Place project in Empire.

Owner Mike Babock says he still wants to stay in the area. "We think Reedsport's viable, so we're interested in exploring that and vetting that out," said Babcock.

American Bridge still owns that piece of land and the city is working to make it available for a new developer. "We'd be more than happy to work with them and to communicate and help them work with American Bridge to make that possible," said Reedsport mayor, Keith Tymchuk.

A lack of enough employees is highly unlikely.

Wes Riley is one of them. "I think it's great if they develop this into something else, I'd come apply here," Riley said.

The city says it will continue to explore more options to hopefully bring more jobs to the area.