Art made by 35 veterans on public display

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Art created by 35 local veterans is on display and free to public viewing through the end of the month.

The local Veterans Administration office and the Pony Village Mall have come together to give local veterans a public outlet to show off their talents.

Inside is a wide variety of art from photography to wood carving to hand drawnings and other treasures.

One local veteran said art therapy is one of the best ways to cope with images that still haunt him from the battlefield.

"The veterans in here have to have an outlet for them to keep their minds clear of unwanted things in their head," said Vietnam Veteran and Artist Vernon Barlow. "A lot of them have post-traumatic stress, and just like I, do penetic art, but I have to do it in detail because it keeps things out of my head."

Barlow said the art also shows non-veterans that people who have served in the military are more than just people who "sit in front of the TV waiting for another day to pass by while they collect a government check."

The art will be on display through the end of the month at the Pony Village Mall in store space near the Orange Julius shop.