As gas prices rise, fuel thefts do too

COOS BAY, Ore. -- When the gas prices rise, it's places like the Day Ship Supply that are a little off the main drag and have full gas tanks that have been a hot target for thieves.

The owner of the business, Bruce Day, didn't want to be on camera, but tells us he had 100 gallons taken from his business. "It happens frequently, depending on where the trucks are parked it's an ongoing thing," he said.

Local police say the cases usually come in bunches, and Day is trying to find the best way to keep it from happening again.

"Park the trucks on the street with the gas tanks facing the street, so anyone who is siphoning would be highly visible," Day said.

He says locking gas caps don't help because the gas thieves will just cut your gas line.

Police say the best preventative method is to be more aware, and if you see anything make sure you report it.