Bandon Dunes says grants aren't the only way it helps community

BANDON, Ore. -- The Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has risen in the ranks over the last year, now ranking #1 in Golf Digest for resorts.

That success has not distracted the company from being involved and helping the south coast community.

Since it's conception, the resort has been dedicated to conservation and helping the local economy.

They don't just give back to community members, officials say, they employ them.

The general manager of Bandon Dunes, Hank Hickox, told KCBY News that most of the people who work at the resort are from the local community. "Most of the people that work here are from the local community, whether they're caddies or staff members, and I think we're all about trying to create good employment and a good wholesome environment," he said.

On Wednesday, the resort gave half a million dollars to Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, which in turn gives grants to local green organizations.