BLM employees return to work after shutdown

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- A lot of employees at the BLM office were sure glad to be back to work on Thursday.

Megan Harper spent the duration of the shutdown with her husband, who was also furloughed. "I spent a lot of time chasing (her son) around the yard. I don't think my house has ever been this clean," she said.

But she says, it certainly wasn't a worry free vacation. "Two weeks without a paycheck could be a pretty big hit."

"It's a relief to be back, and have the uncertainty over," said BLM District Director Patty Burke.

All federal employees received an email with a checklist for returning to work.

They were told to switch their voicemail greetings, disable the automatic "out of office" email and to fill out their time card so they can get their back pay. "Although they have almost three weeks of work to make up, they don't try to do it all it one day and pace themselves," Burke said.

Burke says the parks are all open and permits are being given, but there may be some delays.

Officials say now, business will continue as usual.