Bombed Prayer Chapel prepares to re-open

COOS BAY, Ore. -- An attempted bombing, which resulted in a fire at the Prayer Chapel, locked the doors for the past two months.

Now, as crews are nearly finished with repair work, the chapel is ready to be re-dedicated and back open for prayer.

The chapel has come a long way from what it looked like two months ago. "A lot of the woodwork was destroyed and a lot of tile work was destroyed, and just, a lot of the structure inside itself had been damaged," said Steve Pinedo, president of Servpro.

The insurance company estimated the damage at about $20,000. "Initially we though it would be an issue, but people just started coming out of the woodwork, a lot of the original people that worked on this prayer chapel started calling and showing up out of the blue," said Pinedo.

Even those who had put away their tool belt years ago came to help. "Some of them were retired, they had done this on their own time originally, they came out of retirement just to get this thing along and really, that was the key to getting this put together," Pinedo said.

The chapel will re-open on Monday, November 4.

As far as the investigation goes, police say they're still following leads and are waiting for more information from the FBI.