Business owner: 'We like to have these new boats to build'

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- A company in Charleston is getting ready to launch a new $3 million boat, and hopes the orders keep coming in.

From fixing boats to building them, Giddings Boatworks has been staying busy.

It had been 15 years since they had built a boat at Giddings, and this year they have already built two.

The 72-foot 'Miss Emily' will be in the water soon.

Todd Whaley, the owner of the new vessel, says it was named after his daughter. "My older daughter had a boat named after her when she was just two years old, and so, this one has been waiting 24 years for her turn," Whaley said.

Giddings owner Ray Cox says going from doing maintenance work on boats to actually building them was a struggle.

To build a new boat, he first had to build a team. "It was pretty tough to find talented people with this kind of experience, so we're kind of having to raise them, pretty much teach them," Cox said.

He says there aren't a lot of shipyards left and boat building isn't getting any easier. "With the government regulations coming down on everybody, it's really hard to stay in business," said Cox.

After building a nearly $3 million boat, Cox says he hopes business stays steady. "That's why we like to have these new boats to build, to keep it leveled off so I can keep my crew busy."

Miss Emily will officially hit the water at her launch on November 23.