Campaign 2012: Getting out the vote in a mail-in state

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama campaign in swing states for votes, Oregon Democrats and Republicans are also trying to get out the vote here at home.

Both sides said though the mai-in deadline has passed they have ways of getting out the vote in the final hours.

"Well it started out kind of slow, and after the first debate with Mitt Romney, people started flocking in, and they started getting signs for Mitt Romney," Lee Golder, Coos County Republican Party chairman, said. "And I think we handed out about 200 more signs than I though we would."

But how do you get out the vote when the ballot is in an envelope and the polling place is a dropbox at a public building?

Both parties, headquarters just across the hall from each other at the Pony Village Mall, have set up phone banks to remind voters to turn in their ballots.

Each day, the parties recieve a list of who has submitted their ballots from the county clerk's office, and the parties will scratch off voter's names who have already voted.

Democrats have even printed out a custom door-hanger to remind voters who their party's choice is and when the deadline is.

"So we've just been trying to ramp up efforts every day and trying to make sure that ballots are being returned," said Courtney Flathers, campaign manager to Democratic State House Candidate Caddy McKeown, said. "There's 36 percent turned in in the state of Oregon. Our job is to get out there make sure the folks have received their ballots, and they know to return them by Friday November 2nd or where their drop off site is."

Postal officials in Coos Bay and North Bend said the latest someone could mail their ballot and have it arrive in Coquille in time to be counted was Monday morning.