Campaign 2012: No endorsements from Parry in commissioners' race

NORTH BEND, Ore.-- Coos County Commissioner Cam Parry says he will not endorse anyone for any county commission races this fall.

Parry tells KCBY he is spending all of his energy trying to get voters to approve a county administrator's position also up for a vote.

KCBY caught up with Parry at a business luncheon he was attending in which he was seated with Commissioner Fred Messerle and Commissioner Candidate John Sweet.

"I haven't endorsed this year because I know it was really important to kind of stay neutral throughout this election because we've got a county to run, and politics tends to lap over into it in a big way, and so we try to limit that as much as possible," Parry said.

Parry said Messerle and his opponent Commissioner Bob Main are both great men to work with and are both qualified for the job.

Parry sits on the current board with both Messerle and Main and is the only one in the county to personally work with both incumbents.

He told the crowd that it important to vote against 6-143, the Home Rule Charter, and approve 6-144, the county administrator ordinance.

"Can you image the conversations around the breakfast table every week if this thing passes," Parry told the crowd.

Parry then went into an analogy of families debating each budget line of the Coos County budget.

"Did we vote on a budget last week? Why do we have to do it again," Parry said.