Car crashes into bank: 'Like a chandelier falling down'

MYRTLE POINT, Ore. -- It definitely wasn't an average day for the employees at Umpqua Bank in Myrtle Point, as one of their customers literally drove right through the bank's front doors.

Steve Nasburg is a gas station attendant across the street, and says it was loud. "All of a sudden I heard glass shattering, it sounded just like a chandelier falling down," he said. "One of the customers said, "Wow, look over there," and that's when we looked and saw the car in the bank."

Myrtle Point police say an elderly woman rammed her Honda Civic into the bank shortly after it opened.

Luckily there weren't any customers inside and no employees were hurt.

Matt Smith of the Myrtle Point Police Department says it was truly an accident. "Nothing suggests that it was intentional, it looks like it was driver error," he said.

The woman was taken to the hospital to be checked, but appeared to have no injuries.

Her passenger was taken home.

Nasburg says the wreck has actually helped his gas station. "Amazingly, we've had all of our islands full because everyone wants to stop and look," he said.

Bank officials couldn't talk on camera but do say that their 'real' drive though is open for business.