Car stopped with 7-year-old driving on mother's lap in Forest Grove

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - A car was stopped in Forest Grove on Wednesday afternoon after a 7-year-old was spotted driving on her mother's lap.

Police at first believed the mother and a passenger were under the influence, but later said it was possible it was a "medical situation."

The car was safely pulled over at an apartment complex at 2701 Main St. An ambulance was called to the scene.

Police cited the child's mother, 33 year old Rina Duval who lives in the apartment complex, for reckless endangering.

Eric, who didn't want us to use his last name, watched as police pulled the car over and ordered the daugher and mom out of the car.

"She was very demure, yeah, very demure," he said, " I mean, she was shakin'."

Eric says Duval cooperated with police.

"She turned in off of main street and police came in over here and stopped her, and when they stopped here, they had the woman and the child get out," he said. "She started exhibiting contentious behavior so they called in the fire department."

KATU found Duval near her apartment Wednesday night. She refused to talk about what happened. Forest Grove police say Duval let her daughter drive the car on the street because she was allowed to do that as a child herself.

Eric says this is simply a question of safety and common sense on such a busy roadway as Forest Grove's Main Street.

"If you're gonna teach your child to drive, you might want to do that someplace other than Main Street," he said.

KATU's Bob Heye contributed to this story.