CB boy wins grand prize, gives $515 to Natalie Hill

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- We've followed seven-year-old Nathan Mullanix, from Coos Bay, along his journey to win Apple Dental's "candy buy-back".

The program gives donated Halloween candy to troops overseas, and awards a cash prize to the person who brings in the most candy.

Nathan carried in buckets full of candy to Apple Dental the day after Halloween.

"So heavy, I couldn't pick it up, and I'm strong for a seven year old," Nathan said.

115 pounds of candy later, Nathan won the grand prize, plus a bonus prize -- $515 in all.

It's no surprise Nathan won, after the community heard about what he's doing with the money.

Sitting in the Apple Dental waiting room, grasping a heavy stack of bills, he handed over every last dollar to Natalie Hill, a Coos Bay girl who is battling bone cancer.

"It made me feel really special. There are so many other causes out there he could have donated it to, but he chose me, so that was pretty cool," Natalie said.

She'll use the money to check off an item on her bucket list. It's a trip somewhere, and it's almost too fitting.

"Probably to like Vegas or Hershey Pennsylvania," Natalie said.

You guessed it. That's the birthplace of Hershey's chocolate.

Nathan isn't waiting long for his next good deed. He'll raise money for Natalie at Relay for Life next month.