Charleston, Oregon: 'A destination, even for people who live here'

CHARLESTON, Ore. - Just as you drive into Charleston, a volunteer-run visitor center is now open for business.

"We just wait for people to come and then we show them all sorts of things that they can go and do, and shop and eat," said volunteer Kathe Leaf. "There's something on everything, on every single restaurant and store that's here and everything to do."

The visitor center presents Charleston as the gateway to the Pacific.

"Everything from the South Slough to Shore Acres to the wonderful beaches," said volunteer Jerry Harris.

And don't forget about the food: this is a fishing town after all

"We've got clamming, crabbing, all that good stuff," Leaf said.

Harris said even if you've been to Charleston before, things are always changing.

"So what was here last may very well not be here anymore or something has replaced it," he said. "It's just a great place. It should be a destination, even for people who live here."

The visitor information center is open 7 days a weeks through September.