Charleston residents discuss theft problem

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- Thefts in Charleston have increased over the last seven months, and residents say they've had enough.

Almost 60 people, including law enforcement officials, gathered on Nov. 1 at the Power Squadron building to talk about a solution.

Because money is tight, authorities say residents need to keep their eyes open and call dispatch at (541) 396-7800 to report any suspicious activity.

Sheriff Zanni added that citizen's arrests are legal.

Rob Gensorek owns Basin Tackle and organized the meeting.

He says, "We need to keep our eyes open, we need to report things to the police. There's an apathetic attitude right now that a lot of folks are thinking, 'well what can we do, we can't do anything.' We can do something, and we're gonna do something, and this is the first step."

Residents say they know the three people responsible for most of the crimes, and authorities say they are building cases against the suspects.

Sheriff Zanni also noted that more deputies will soon be added to the force.