Children find mutilated goat

LONGVIEW, Wash. - Someone killed and mutilated a goat near here and was trying to do the same to another one.

Animal control officers are calling it some of the worst animal abuse they've ever seen.

The goats were found on Father's Day by children during a family gathering. The children know and love and feed the animals.

Kaylee Ainslie found her neighbor's goat in back of the pasture. She wants to be a veterinarian and spends a lot of time with the goats.

"We were walking around and I saw a bump," she said Wednesday. "Then I walked over and I said, 'Guys, there's a dead goat laying here.' I was a little bit freaked out. My cousin ran and got the grownups."

Briggs, one half of the kids' favorite pair of goats, had his skin taken from above his hoof, and it was loose on his side, said Ainslie's grandmother, Joyce. Stratton, Briggs' brother, was found with zip-ties around his legs but alive.

Animal control officers and the goats' owner think whoever did this may have gotten spooked while they were getting ready to kill Stratton.

"All the other goats get scared now because of what happened," said Ainslie, adding that whoever did this are "really bad people who don't care about anything."

The goats' owner told animal control Briggs may have died from shock while being skinned while he was alive.

Cowlitz County animal control wants to hear from anyone who may know something about this.