Church gives thousands to local groups

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A church in the bay area is sharing the wealth.

The money comes from a sale of the site of its old building back to the City of Coos Bay.

The First Presbyterian Church of Coos Bay made $1.5 million selling the land that is now the site of the Coos Bay fire station.

The church kicked off its giving campaign on Monday, giving $100,000 to the Southwestern Oregon Community College Foundation to provide scholarships for non-traditional students.

Bill Kendrick from the church says they felt they could best remember the church by making the donations. "We couldn't use the money to buy a new church or build a new church for the simple reason that we didn't have a congregation big enough to support it," he said. "We could do something with the community to help the community keep some of the memories of the church and the people who helped build the church originally in the community."

The church is also giving money to the Coos Historical Society to help them with a new building in downtown Coos Bay.