Cleveland case another reason to hope for Kyron's father

PORTLAND, Ore. - The happy ending in Cleveland after a decade of heartbreak hits home for the father of Oregon's most famous missing-child case.

Kaine Horman still hopes his son, Kyron, will be found alive just like the kidnapped women in Cleveland.

On Tuesday, Kaine said the outcome in Cleveland is another reason for hope.

From commercial trucks with Kyron's picture on them, to court rulings, and the second anniversary of his son's disappearance, Kaine has been waiting for the day his son comes home alive.

He said during a phone call on his way back from Seattle what happened in Cleveland makes that feeling stronger.

"It definitely puts a smile on your face. It is great to hear those stories," he said.

Kaine knows that since authorities have considered Kyron's stepmother, Terri, a person of interest in Kyron's disappearance, this case is different than the Cleveland kidnapping. He also knows progress comes in small steps.

"The case is ongoing, meaning, they're still working on it," Kaine said. "They still have resources assigned. They're still working projects. And that's the stuff that I like to hear even if I don't know what the projects are."

He says he's also sustained by family, friends and the ongoing support from people who simply care about finding Kyron.

"Positive closure, it's just exciting," Kaine said. "I can only imagine, and I hope we get presented with that opportunity as well. But for now, we need to keep working."

And even though there haven't been major developments in the search for Kyron lately, Kaine said he's confident the investigation is still focused where it should be.