Coast Guard helicopter pilots receive standardized training

Coast Guard Sector North Bend conducts standardization training, August 31, 2017. (SBG)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- There have been a lot of helicopters in the air over the south coast as Coast Guard Sector North Bend conducts standardization training.

Every year, each air station hosts instructors from the Coast Guard's Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama.

They check the unit's knowledge of procedures and flight standardization.

"I take flight mechanics out,” explained trainer Tommy DuPont. “We have pilots who take out pilots; they go around and make sure that they're standard across the fleet, and why that's important is because in situations where you have a Harvey or Katrina, you can pull crews from all over the Coast Guard. A pilot from Atlantic City, a co-pilot from Detroit, a flight mechanic from here, a rescue swimmer…and they can all work seamlessly as a team."

The training continues through Friday, September 8.

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