Coast Guard Sector North Bend makes inland rescue with new aircraft commander

(KCBY image from newscast)

CURRY COUNTY -- A missing hiker is back home after being hoisted to safety by the Coast Guard.

The 40-year old woman went missing on Wednesday.

Coast Guard Sector North Bend rescued her around noon Thursday in a Dolphin helicopter.

Crew member Lieutenant Logan Donahey says this was his first case as an aircraft commander, a position he qualified for about a month ago.

"It was exciting,” he said, “luckily there were other people around who were giving me pointers and stuff to think about and look for. People were pulling out maps because we don't usually do inlands. I would say the best thing was that it was such a great team effort. We couldn't have done it without the Curry County sheriff's Office; if they hadn't gotten on scene and told us exactly where she was it would have been extremely difficult to find her."

They say the woman was in stable condition when she was found, wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, but had a solar blanket to keep her warm.

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