Cold snap brings reminder: Remember your pets!

Even a good layer of fur isn't enough to keep warm, with overnight temperatures expected to be in the 20's for most of the week.As we get ready to enter the winter months and temperatures begin to dip into the freezing levels, it's not just ourselves we have to keep warm.Animal care physicians want to make sure you keep a close eye on your pets as well.Josh Cleveland, a veterinary technician, says pets that typically live outside are the ones you need to worry about most. "It is important to acclimate your pets appropriately if you do plan on leaving them outside during the winter months," he said.Veterinartian Wendy Labrousse says she see's several cold weather cases a year, mostlty related to very old or very young animals.Pets with shorter hair are more susceptiable to the cold weather. "Animals that have the ability to grow a long coat or fur, let them do so during the winter months, and those shorter haired or furred animals, you know, offer them a blanket or a sweater," Cleveland said.A high quality diet with protein and extra fat is required for animals that spend time in the cold. Another important thing you need to keep an eye on: The water. "Check your pet's water dish every day, break the layer of ice off the top and get them some fresh water, make sure they can drink when they need to," Cleveland said.With a freeze warning in effect over the next couple of weeks, it will be key to follow these cold weather tips to assure your pet is safe and warm during the freeze.