Color Dash 5k: 'It's going to bring out the kid in everybody'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Color Dash 5k came to Eugene for the first time on Sunday, May 11. Hosted by The Downtown Eugene Rotary Club (DERC), the event benefits Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Valley and promotes a fun active way to celebrate Mother's Day.

"We were looking for an event we could brand and that we could have every year," said co-chair of the DERC Beverlee Hughes. "We wanted to help youth with our fundraising and philanthropy for this event and mothers and kids seemed like a good idea so we picked Mother's Day."

The race is a 5k course at Camp Harlow with different color stations every kilometer.

"As people start this event in their white t-shirts and white shorts, they are going to be bombarded with color right away. I mean it's going to be like a cloud of color," said Hughes.

"By the time they come to the end they are going to be looking like one big rainbow of color," said Hughes. "I don't think it's going to make any difference how old you are, it's going to bring out the kid in everybody."

Becky Ownes, a local mother, came out to run the Color Dash 5k with her family and she says she will return next year. "It's a great way to celebrate Mother's Day and spend time together with family and friends," said Ownes. "It's a great fundraiser, great cause, and the weather is beautiful! Is there any better way to spend the day? No," she laughed.

While The DERC chose to use the Color Dash 5k non-profit for the event, they did most of the work along with 125 volunteers. According to Hughes, planning the event for the past couple months has been a good team builder for rotary and ultimately it was more beneficial. "Because we did all the work and have all the skin in the game, we also get to keep 50 percent of the proceeds. "

The Eugene Rotary Club has been supportive of the Boys & Girls Clubs for years and decided to focus on benefitting the youth. According to Hughes, they feed nearly 900 local children a week. "We thought the proceeds could go to feed hungry kids even more nutritious meals, so we are really happy about that."