'Come see it. It's fantastic'

NORTH BEND, Ore. - This isn't your average high school production: it's a variety show packed with some of North Bend High School's most talented students.

"There's dance, there's songs, there's skits," said director Travis Storey. "We've taken a lot of things from TV and Saturday Night Live."

"A lot of collaboration on a lot of the ideas for skits and performances," said actress Rachel Warrick.

While the show is put on by the drama club, other groups are sharing the spolight

"We tried to reach outside of our bubble really and grab the people who haven't really been on stage that much," Storey said.

That includes everyone from a local band to the school's speech and debate team/

"And so they're branching out right now and it's a good way to show support to them," Warrick said.

With only hours left until showtime, the cast is staying pretty tight-lipped about the details..

"I mean why would people come if they knew what was going on?" Storey said. "Come see it. It's fantastic."