Community Action director: 'There was no misappropriation'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Allegations by a former employee prompted a state investigation of Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA), and officials with the organization says they found no wrongdoing.

ORCCA was accused of misappropriating federal funding to pay for South Coast Food Share salaries. However, officials say the audit's findings say otherwise.

Mike Lehman, ORCCA's executive director, says everything was fine with the audit. "There was no misappropriation, they found nothing wrong with our records," he said.

Lehman says the food share program is hurting though.

He says a new building, higher demand for food and fewer donations have left them with a deficit. "A lot of this stuff has just been building over the last three or four years, and so, we're just trying to clean up," Lehman said.

ORCCA plans to improve it's community relationships, do more fundraising and stabilize its staff.

Lehman is the agency's third director in the past year. "We just need to go through some time where we're not changing everything. "So, that's the biggest thing, just stabilize and move forward."

Lehman says ORCCA is currently in the middle of what he calls 'The Big Audit' for the year, and expects those findings to come out at the end of September.