Company wants to sell sand from Coos Bay

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A development company out of Ashland is trying to sell Coos Bay sand - 4 million cubic yards of it.

Ocean Grove Development Group wants to take out the sand west of K-Mart and south of Lindy Lane.

It plans to use the revenue from the sand to build a housing project on that property.

Ocean Grove Development Group has high hopes for Coos Bay.

The company's website says, "Coos Bay's location in tandem with the multi-billion dollar infrastructure upgrades will establish the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay as a strategic US energy transportation center. The City's expansion plans are to transition into new marine and industrial activities with a goal of making Coos Bay a top 50 U.S. port in total cargo volume."

Because of this, the website says that new housing developments will be needed.

Coos Bay Planning Administrator, Laura Barron, says she talked briefly to the company about building on that land, but no forms or applications have been submitted yet.

Barron says more information will be available in the coming weeks.

The city could not tell KCBY who currently owns the property.

A representative from Coos River Rock, a supplier of rock and gravel, says selling sand out of this area is very difficult because there is so much available.