Coos Bay officials continue investigating high fecal coliform bacteria levels

170703 Fulton Avenue wastewater plant Coos Bay.jpg

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Fecal coliform bacteria levels have been the focus of officials in Coos Bay recently.

The city announced those levels were back to normal at one of its wastewater treatment plants early last week, but that news changed by the end of the week.

The treatment plant on Fulton Avenue once again had a high count of fecal coliform bacteria, which lives in pathogens found in wastewater.

A test last week determined the plant exceeded the monthly required fecal coliform limit.

While the issue was rectified by Saturday, officials are still looking for the cause.

They say there is no health risk to the community.

“They should always be careful when they're handling shellfish or fish or crab,” says Public Works director Jim Hossley. “They probably should make sure they wash their hands. If folks just carry out those normal procedures then there's nothing they need to be concerned about with what's going on with the wastewater plants."

The city is building a new treatment plant to replace the plant on Fulton Avenue.

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