Coos Bay runner: 'I don't think about a bomb. I will now'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A popular Coos Bay runner is back at home after the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Chuck Engle, known as the Marathon Junkie, is a Coos Bay resident, and holds the world record for the most marathon wins.

Engle had finished the marathon and was heading back to the finish line area to watch his friends when the bombs went off.

He says it was a scary ordeal. "We worry about blisters and hydration and taking cliff shots at the right time," Engle said. "I don't think about a bomb. I will now. I will think, "is this a bomb threat or a situation?" But I never ever thought the Boston Marathon would be a target."

Engle was able to catch one of the first flights out of Boston Monday night.

Friends of another Coos Bay runner, Frank Searfus, say he was running in the race Monday, and is also safe.