Coos Bay schools support movement to teach students about hate & discrimination

(File/SBG photo)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Local school districts are in support of a national movement to teach students about hate and discrimination.

The hashtag #charlottesvillecurriculum was started after the violence in Virginia.

Officials with Coos Bay School District say they will use what happened in Charlottesville as a teachable moment.

"Any time you have an incident where there's hate, there’s discrimination, there's bigotry going on, we need to call it out; we need to call it what it is; we need to bring it to the attention of our kids,” says Coos Bay School District Superintendent Bryan Trendell. “We need to be sending a message and try to find ways to promote kindness."

Trendell says the staff will look at curriculum ideas being shared online to see how they might be used in the Coos Bay district.

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