Coos County copper theft on the rise

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Officials in Coos County are asking people to be on the lookout for some thieves.

The Coos County Sheriff's office is investigating a string of copper thefts that they say may have to do with the approaching summer season.

Sgt. Pat Downing with the Sheriff's office says like many other things, certain types of crime are seasonal. "Thieves are just like everybody else, people don't like to be out in the bad weather," Downing said. "So, now that we have better weather, we'll see an increase."

In the last month there were four cases of copper theft in the county. "We've seen the gamut, from construction sites to home sites, to barns, to everything," Downing said.

Pacific Power is one company that has had more than seven thefts since March.

Authorities say you can help catch the culprits. "When people see things that aren't Pacific Power trucks, folks in full safety gear, and especially when it's odd hours, they should report that."

The thefts have cost property owners thousands of dollars in the past month alone.

Pacific Power says if you see anything suspicious, you should report it.