Coos County kids enjoying free lunch program

COOS BAY, Ore. -- With poverty rates for Coos Bay schools ranging from 60-80%, that's why this year the Coos Bay School District has partnered with an Americorps Volunteer to provide free lunches to kids under the age of 18.

They say those meals are both delicious and nutritious.

"We have all kinds of options for kids," said Americorps volunteer Adam Schaefers. "They really enjoy it, and for struggling families, I think it's especially helpful."

Dawn Granger, the Coos Bay superintendent, said, "Typically if you're going to school, you'd have breakfast at school and lunch at school, and that doesn't happen in the summer. So, we're at least able to provide a nutritious lunch."

Lunches are delivered to twelve locations throughout Coos Bay.

"Some days we have cheeseburgers, other days we have pizza," Schaefers said. "Of course, everything is on whole wheat, whole grain bread. And then they get vegetables, fruit and milk with that."

Granger says a lot of kids are taking advantage of the program. "Depending on the day we're having over 120 students receiving lunches, so it's beneficial, and as you can see, they like it," she said.

The free summer lunch program will continue to be offered five days a week until August 16.